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Today, educators depend on data—single or aggregated statistics that review, snapshot, and trend the learning and operations environment in which they work. Data coupled with analysis transforms numbers into actionable information. And, it was this—the power of data-driven decision-making—that the founding members of the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) understood forty years ago when they chartered the organization.

Today WSIPC delivers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that manage student, human resource, and financial data for 281 of Washington’s 296 school districts. Cost-effective and user-friendly, WSIPC applications are at the center of school operations.

Enter the nation’s first high-speed, high-capacity network
In 2000, WSIPC members decided to take advantage of the K-20 network, which linked colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and libraries statewide. They recognized that the network could open the door to the creation and launch of sophisticated enterprise data management solutions, designed for the educational IT environment.

The great potential of the network to transform their data management operations from legacy system into a modern graphical user interface was clear. In short order, the old, slow terminals and text interfaces of life before the K-20 network became history, replaced by the fast processing speeds and user-friendly front ends of web-enabled applications.

On the K-20 network today—high-quality IT solutions…
George Horner is WSIPC’s Assistant Director. He is a keen advocate for the K-20 network and believes that, without the network, the sizable economies of centrally managed IT systems would have been trumped by the high costs of local, one-off solutions for data management at the district level.

“Without the K-20 network and its reliable, cost effective connectivity, WSIPC would not have been able to deliver the powerful, interactive applications we do today,” says George Horner.

Organizations, such as WSIPC, demonstrate how the K-20 network can lead to the creation of innovative applications for the educational community. Approximately 30,000 concurrent online end users access WSIPC systems every day, 6,000 people take advantage of the secure, on-demand access services of Citrix, and over 81,000 secure WEB logins are measured daily. In total, WSIPC supports the administration of $6.1 billion that flow through our K-12 school districts.

…for about half the price
Local experts at Washington’s nine Educational Service Districts support the suite of data management services that comprise the WSIPC portfolio:
  • Data management systems that run a wide variety of operations—everything from attendance and transportation to course scheduling and the cafeteria
  • Human resources systems that support the oversight of staff credentialing, benefits, payroll, and leave
  • Financial management systems that run accounts payable/receivable, asset management, purchasing, and chart of accounts applications
“WSIPC services cost about half of what similar services cost from private sector providers,” says George Horner. “We know what districts need—high-quality technological solutions and customer service at the best possible price. And that’s what we deliver over the K-20 network.”

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