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You must register with either the official K-20 Gatekeeper itself, or with a gatekeeper that is peered to the K-20 Gatekeeper. If you are not sure whether a gatekeeper is peered to the K-20 Network, please contact that gatekeeper's administrator to confirm.

The Washington K-20 H.323 network participates in the ViDeNet gatekeeper peering hierarchy. This enables you to connect with sites around the world without knowing their IP address or having to register with the same gatekeeper. To configure your endpoint, you must set the H.323 name, H.323 extension and the gatekeeper in your own system. Different manufacturers describe these settings in different ways, so you may need to contact your vendor for assistance.

Here are the settings for H.323 on the K-20 Education Network:

H.323 Name (h323_ID, H.323 user name, etc.): Set this to the name of your site. The K-20 network requires that you name your site using the following format: Institution Name - Building Name - Room name, e.g. WaysideSD-BldgC-Rm25. (Do not abbreviate the Institution Name except for SD, ESD, or CC.) For movable systems, replace the Room Name with a system number, e.g. WaysideSD-Library-2.
H.323 Extension (dialedDigits, E.164, Gatekeeper alias, User number, etc.):

    If you are a K-20 Member site: Set this to the H.323 Extension assigned to your system by the K-20 Gatekeeper Administrators. To request a K-20 H.323 Extension, please click here to go to the KORRS ITV Schedulers login page. You will need to enter your institution's Scheduler ID and then choose the 'Request H.323 Extension' option from the list in order to enter and submit your request. You will need the following information:
    • Your Contact Information
      • Name
      • Phone
      • Email
      • The KORRS Scheduler ID for your organization
    • Your Endpoint Information
      • Public (Routable) IP Address
      • H.323 Name (from above)
      • Manufacturer and Model
    If you are a non-K-20 Education Network site: Please set the H.323 Extension field to the phone number where you can be reached if we need to contact you. Please include your area code but do not use dashes, hyphens or other punctuation. Currently, the public gatekeeper is the same IP address as the standard one. However, this will change in the future; when it does, the new information will be available on this site.

    Note: Only NON-K20 Education Network sites should be using their phone number as their H.323 extension. All K-20 Education Network sites must use an official assigned K-20 H.323 Extension.

Gatekeeper Address: set this to gk.wa-k20.net (preferred) or (if you are unable to use DNS). However, if you use the IP address, your system will be more vulnerable to service impacts during regular gatekeeper maintenance windows.