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The K-20 KOCO Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed with network analysts, specialists, and engineers M-F 8am-8pm, and Sat/Sun 9am-6pm. During off-hours and all holidays, KOCO/NOC staff members are also available via pagers for emergency data network troubleshooting and repairs. The KOCO/NOC is available to assist the designated technical representatives and site contacts of K-20 Education Network member institutions with data network connectivity problems.

It is expected that only designated technical representatives and site contacts will be working with the NOC. These persons must be able to check the following items and provide the requested information to the NOC:

Physical inspection:
  • Know the actual physical location of your K-20 Education Network equipment.
  • Check for any loose, disconnected or damaged cabling.
  • Verify that all equipment has power.
  • Check for any telephone outages at your site.
Network connectivity:
  • Are all network services or only some affected?
  • Are you experiencing problems with your administrative applications?
  • If you are having telnet problems, please be able to give examples of the site(s) you cannot reach or other complete error messages.
  • Are you able to telnet to sites using IP addresses but not DNS host names? Please be able to give examples.
  • If you are having web browsing problems, please be able to give example URLs that you cannot reach or other complete error messages.
The KOCO/NOC will issue you a trouble ticket number if you are calling between the hours of 8am-8pm M-F or 9am-6pm Sat/Sun. If you call outside these hours, the Computer Operations staff will relay all of your information to the KOCO/NOC; and one of our staff members will return your call at the start of normal business hours. When calling the NOC about a previously reported problem, it is helpful to have your trouble ticket number available.

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